Sprint Cup Action Sports World Tour – Miami, FL

Date:   November 21 & 22         Time:    10:30a – 12p


Big Air Triples Competition

ASA Big Air Triples is the first series of its kind, combining the best of dirt jumping, box jumping, half-pipe and park course disciplines into a unique head-to-head competition.  Come see the world’s top freestyle BMX pros showcase their versatility and innovation before your very eyes. The ASA Big Air Triples is universally considered one of the most progressive and cutting-edge action sports series by pros and fans alike, and is visually spectacular to watch both on-site and on television.

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Half Pipe PhotoHalf Pipe Competition

See the world’s best BMX and skateboard pros from the X Games team up for national pride on the biggest half-pipe in the world. At these events, the world’s best pros perform mind-boggling aerial stunts on the actual X Games half-pipe ramp as part of a unique team competition that pits continent vs. continent.  Teams of skate and BMX stars from Europe, South America, Australia and the USA compete against each other for national pride on the largest half-pipe on the planet in a “wow factor” two-day event that will leave everyone buzzing.

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