Big Air Triples: 2012 OC Fair

 Some of the best professional BMX riders in the world were assembled to showcase their best tricks on day two of the ASA Big-Air Triples competition at the 2012 OC Fair. Brett Banasiewicz ended up sweeping the two-day competition claiming first place Wednesday and Thursday, beating out Daniel Sandoval who placed second Thursday night.

Twelve of the best riders from around the world, including top BMX pros like Ryan Nyquist, Colton Satterfield, Austin Coleman, Zack Warden and Kyle Baldock, once again showcased their aerial skills in a series of head-to-head battles on the ASA Triples ramp: a 195-ft. long course that features a 25 ft. high roll-in ramp, two 25 ft. jumps and a 14 ft high quarter pipe.

In the end, the final head-to-head battle came down to three-time ASA Triples Champion, Brett Banasiewicz (South Bend, IN), and Daniel Sandoval (Norco, CA).  Banasiewicz rode away with the contest when he pulled a 720 variation of his famous cash roll and then went into a bar spin tail whip.  He ultimately bested Sandoval’s 720 to 360 double tail whip over the second jump to bar spin to tail whip on the quarter. Both runs were spectacular, but Banasiewicz eeked out the win.

“I like the head-to-head format because you get a chance to focus on only facing one rider at a time”, said winner Brett Banasiewicz.  “I like going second because I can watch the other rider’s run and then throw down a heavier hitting run based on what the guy does before me.  This contest had a great group of riders and the format makes it really fun.”

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